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Stress Management

It's Tax Season and for some of us there's a question of "how did we get here (financially)?" Not surprisingly money issues rank up there with health issues, work dissatisfaction and relationship conflict, as a significant and often ongoing stress. We know stress is getting to us when we are moody, we ruminate (chewing of stress thoughts over and over in our minds), our sleep is affected, less energy, less patient at home and at work and finally, our health is affected. Talk to a professional counsellor as to how best to manage overwhelming stress; find skills and techniques to manage emotions and alleviate stress induced conditions and behaviours. Don't "white knuckle" it. The help you need is just a call away for stress and stressful times. Rod Chant has 20 years experience in providing support for stress management, anger management, couples counselling, health issues, anxiety and depression. Call 250-202-0891.

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