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Divorce may be a daily occurrence in society; However, it is by no means an easy event for any family to face. Couples certainly do not plan to divorce when they marry. Divorce is considered a trauma and it leads to a grieving process that is comparable to that of death. Each person must face the loss of the relationship and all of the dreams that were carried with it. Divorcees may also lose relationships with former in-laws and friends, as people tend to take sides in facing divorce. Children often face great insecurity at seeing their parents’ marriage end. Not only is the family stability disrupted, but they must face economic changes, visitation schedules, and relocation as a result of the divorce. Divorce recovery is a long process that involves a variety of emotions including denial, despair, anger, and grief. It is important that you and your family members work through the process thoroughly. It is often a good idea to see a professional counsellor to help yourself and your family face divorce and its aftermath. With the help of an experienced counsellor such as Rod Chant, you can begin to work through your feelings, make empowering decisions, and communicate effectively with other family members. Recovery from divorce is difficult and it takes time, but healing does occur with time.


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