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Do you spend a lot of time thinking about the things which you do not like about yourself? Are you afraid to engage in conflict? Do you get intimidated by others easily? Many of us struggle with self acceptance. When we have a hard time facing others because of insecurity, we may need to deal with what counsellors call self- esteem. Self-esteem refers to the way we view ourselves. When we have a negative impression of who we are, it can be hard to engage in daily life with confidence. Everybody has areas in their lives that they wish were better. Some of us have been told that we don’t quite measure up by parents, siblings, or so-called friends. When we begin to suffer from overwhelming feelings of discouragement and shame because of these issues, we may need someone to talk to. A trained counsellor can help identify destructive patterns in our lives. Sometimes these patterns can be changed with practice. Other times, we need help to learn how to accept the things that we truly have no control over. In either case, we can improve our self esteem by taking action over the thoughts and beliefs that contribute to a negative self-image. In so doing we can face the world with greater confidence than ever before.


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